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thS1UY7V5EBack in September 2016, I introduced doTERRA essential oils to the salon. Before this, I would have just picked up an essential oil in salon services or in the chemist. I never stuck to a particular brand, just always made sure it was 100% pure. I would use an essential oil during massage and facials more for the aroma. It makes a treatment more of an experience for a client when there’s the relaxing scent of lavender in the room and on the hot towels as I remove a mask.

But the funny thing was, I was allergic to lavender! Imagine that, a beauty and massage therapist that always worked in spas, allergic to lavender essential oil! :-0 It would affect me similar to hay fever; my sinuses would block, I’d have a runny nose and I would sneeze. To make sure my nose didn’t drip on my clients (YIKES! could you imagine the embarrassment for me and how gross for the client :-s ) and that I didn’t sneeze just as my client was just drifting into deep relaxation or even sleep, I would put tissue up my nose! Not a great look at all and id be mortified if my clients saw (I would put an eye pillow on my clients eyes before putting tissue up my nose and not remove until after I had taken it out), but it stopped my allergies during the treatment (I’d still sneeze afterwards though). This was the reality of my working life until I discovered doTERRA. I took one sniff of their lavender essential oil and knew i would never again pick one up in the chemist. doTERRAs lavender essential oil smelled softer and much nicer than any I had used before and NO SNEEZING! I couldn’t believe it. So many questions ran through my head. I could not understand how and why I wasn’t having my typical hay fever symptoms but I knew I wasnt going to purchase just any brand from a chemist again and so I created an account with doTERRA there and then and purchased a family essentials kit for €150. (which at the time, I didn’t think I would use all 10 of the oils in it but I was excited to try them)

Over the coming months I used doTERRA’s oils in my treatments but also started to use the oils at home (which I had never done before). I used lemon in my water, the lavender on my sons eczema, peppermint to freshen my breath, and on guard in the steamer to clean the floors with. I soon noticed I had less bloating and improved digestion and my sons skin was looking better than ever. Now I knew for sure there was something special and different about these oils and that’s why Im writing this blog as I feel everyone should have them in their lives.


Before I go into why doTERRA is different to other essential oils, I’ll explain what essential oils are.

Essential oils are naturally occurring volatile aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. They are essential for the plants existence and help protect them from environmental threats, as well as helping them to heal, repair and flourish. When we use them, they can help support healthy cellular function and have been used historically for health care practices, food preparation and beauty treatments.


Why Choose/use doTERRA Essential Oils?

  • doTERRA essential oils are free from fillers,contaminants, pesticides, chemical residues or artificial ingredients.

basil-15mldoTERRA essential oils are sourced from a global network of growers to ensure the most pure and efficacious essential oils. This point is very important to the quality of the essential oils. We can all, for example, grow basil on our window cill in the kitchen, but the quality and medicinal properties of the basil grown on our window cill is not going to be the same as that grown in Egypt (where doterra source their basil essential oil). That is because everything from the temperature, soil and environmental factors determines the quality of the oils.

  • After doTERRA have sourced where in the world produces the best quality oil, after they are harvested and distilled, they are then rigorously tested for standards of purity and potency

Because of all these things doTERRA Essential oils are CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade and can be used 3 ways: AROMATICALLY, TOPICALLY and INTERNALLY.


Empowering Solutions

Taking essential oils internally has changed my life. Remember, you can’t take any brands of essential oils internally, and initially I didn’t feel comfortable taking them this way. I started with lemon in my water and the tiniest amount of peppermint to freshen my breath. Once I felt comfortable with this (and was still alive! lol) I then got braver mixing on guard with honey for my sore throat and when I was very sick with a viral infection I used a mix of essential oils in a veggie cap to make a natural anti – biotic (oregano, frankincense, on guard and Melaleuca)  and I was better in half the time (I know this for sure as my husband was sick at the same time and I was back on my feet sooner than he was). Now obviously these are my own personal experiences and I cant say that they will definitely cure or prevent diseases, but what I will say is its empowering to have the oils at home and to try them for a couple of days when ailments first appear. I have experienced first hand the powerful benefit of just a single drop of these oils and they have little or no side effects. Obviously if my ailments or symptoms persist I will go to  chemist or GP but so far this year I have not needed to so the oils have worked for me.


Would you like to try the oils?

Create an account with dõTerra in the month of August and salon an oir will give you your membership fee(€25) back in a voucher* for the salon.

Advantages of having an online account:
🔹25% off retail price
🔹Shop at your convenience day or night
🔹Products delivered to your door
🔹Doterra is more than just essential oils, it’s an online health store with food supplements, weight loss products, skin and hair care products
🔹ME…im here to help with any queries you may have and to educate you on the oils

* Ts&Cs:
-voucher is valid September,October and November ONLY.
-voucher can only be used on treatments above the value of €50
-voucher not redeemable against products
-voucher can not be exchanged for cash
** receive a FREE PRODUCT when you spend 125 pv before the 15th of the month. You can also receive free products by joining the loyalty rewards program and building up points that can be redeemed against products.

Please feel free to contact me if you are unsure which oils or kit best suits your needs. I’m here to help you with your doTERRA journey 🙂

Orla Kerley x




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