Phyt’Skin Rénov Facial – Glycolic Peel

soin_phytskinrenov_1396021797On Monday 4th September I went to the Phyt’s Training centre in Bohernabreena, County Dublin, to learn how to do the Phyt’Skin Rénov facial. Facials are very popular in the salon and the Aqua Phyts facial (introduced in January) has been a hit and the most popular choice of facial this year. I want to keep my clients interested and with winter coming, a peel is a welcome addition to the facial menu and I know clients are going to love the results.

What is a Glycolic Peel?

A glycolic peel uses a glycolic acid, which comes from sugar cane, to remove dead skin cells. It works deeper then your traditional exfoliants while also stimulating cell renewal, and the result is younger, smoother, more radiant and healthy looking skin.

1 facial a week for 4 weeks, along with a homecare kit of a day and night cream and a spf, is recommended for best results.


Who is this facial for?

This facial is very much a treatment facial, for a person that wants results. Whether it’s acne scarring, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone,dehydration, fine lines or wrinkles, this facial will work for you. Keep in mind though that it is quite an active and stimulating facial. The glycolic peel itself feels a bit like nettle stings all over your face, and I found the lotions used before (to de-grease the skin and lower its pH) and after (to remove glycolic and bring pH back up to normal) the peel a bit tingly too.

There’s a little bit of massage performed while the mask is on but if you are looking for a facial to totally relax and maybe have a little snooze during it, this is not the one for you.

How did I find the treatment?

Honestly, I loved it. I had been feeling like my skin was looking tired, dull and old lately. I even talked to my husband about Botox. But I must say, after one treatment I found my skin was a lot brighter and definitely younger looking. I did however, break out around my chin area within a couple of days, but that was to be expected as I had congestion there. It wouldn’t put me off the facial but I might choose the Aqua phyts instead if I have an occassion the same week.  I will definitely be doing more glycolic facials on myself in the near future and I’ve invested in the homecare kit which I will use over the next couple of months (botox can wait awhile longer :-p)

Before and After

Look at my happy little face 🙂

How much does it cost?

The Phyt’Skin Rénov costs €70 per facial and a course of 4 is recommended to achieve the best results.
If I were you, I’d have the facials on a *Thursday and you will get 10% off.

(*Therapeutic Thursday – 10% off facials and massage every Thursday in the salon).

As it’s a new treatment to the salon, I’m gonna do a special introductory offer….

*20% off the homecare kit: €92 instead of €115.phyts-skin-renov-creme-lecocondeclea-zoom

In the homecare kit you will get 2 moisturisers, one to use in the morning and one to use in the evening and a spf to protect your new skin from sun damage. This kit is a must  in between your facials to keep your skin in tip-top condition and to prepare it for the glycolic peel and also for maintaining the results and minding your skin when your course of facials is finished. (your skin would be more susceptible to sun damage after a peel)

So, to sum it up, the Phyt’Skin Rénov is a glycolic treatment program which combines weekly professional treatments with homecare products to deliver visible results and I would definitely recommend it.

I look forward to treating your skin to a peel soon and revealing your brighter, younger, smoother skin beneath.

Orla Kerley 🙂

*while stocks last


DoTERRA Essential Oils

thS1UY7V5EBack in September 2016, I introduced doTERRA essential oils to the salon. Before this, I would have just picked up an essential oil in salon services or in the chemist. I never stuck to a particular brand, just always made sure it was 100% pure. I would use an essential oil during massage and facials more for the aroma. It makes a treatment more of an experience for a client when there’s the relaxing scent of lavender in the room and on the hot towels as I remove a mask.

But the funny thing was, I was allergic to lavender! Imagine that, a beauty and massage therapist that always worked in spas, allergic to lavender essential oil! :-0 It would affect me similar to hay fever; my sinuses would block, I’d have a runny nose and I would sneeze. To make sure my nose didn’t drip on my clients (YIKES! could you imagine the embarrassment for me and how gross for the client :-s ) and that I didn’t sneeze just as my client was just drifting into deep relaxation or even sleep, I would put tissue up my nose! Not a great look at all and id be mortified if my clients saw (I would put an eye pillow on my clients eyes before putting tissue up my nose and not remove until after I had taken it out), but it stopped my allergies during the treatment (I’d still sneeze afterwards though). This was the reality of my working life until I discovered doTERRA. I took one sniff of their lavender essential oil and knew i would never again pick one up in the chemist. doTERRAs lavender essential oil smelled softer and much nicer than any I had used before and NO SNEEZING! I couldn’t believe it. So many questions ran through my head. I could not understand how and why I wasn’t having my typical hay fever symptoms but I knew I wasnt going to purchase just any brand from a chemist again and so I created an account with doTERRA there and then and purchased a family essentials kit for €150. (which at the time, I didn’t think I would use all 10 of the oils in it but I was excited to try them)

Over the coming months I used doTERRA’s oils in my treatments but also started to use the oils at home (which I had never done before). I used lemon in my water, the lavender on my sons eczema, peppermint to freshen my breath, and on guard in the steamer to clean the floors with. I soon noticed I had less bloating and improved digestion and my sons skin was looking better than ever. Now I knew for sure there was something special and different about these oils and that’s why Im writing this blog as I feel everyone should have them in their lives.


Before I go into why doTERRA is different to other essential oils, I’ll explain what essential oils are.

Essential oils are naturally occurring volatile aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. They are essential for the plants existence and help protect them from environmental threats, as well as helping them to heal, repair and flourish. When we use them, they can help support healthy cellular function and have been used historically for health care practices, food preparation and beauty treatments.


Why Choose/use doTERRA Essential Oils?

  • doTERRA essential oils are free from fillers,contaminants, pesticides, chemical residues or artificial ingredients.

basil-15mldoTERRA essential oils are sourced from a global network of growers to ensure the most pure and efficacious essential oils. This point is very important to the quality of the essential oils. We can all, for example, grow basil on our window cill in the kitchen, but the quality and medicinal properties of the basil grown on our window cill is not going to be the same as that grown in Egypt (where doterra source their basil essential oil). That is because everything from the temperature, soil and environmental factors determines the quality of the oils.

  • After doTERRA have sourced where in the world produces the best quality oil, after they are harvested and distilled, they are then rigorously tested for standards of purity and potency

Because of all these things doTERRA Essential oils are CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade and can be used 3 ways: AROMATICALLY, TOPICALLY and INTERNALLY.


Empowering Solutions

Taking essential oils internally has changed my life. Remember, you can’t take any brands of essential oils internally, and initially I didn’t feel comfortable taking them this way. I started with lemon in my water and the tiniest amount of peppermint to freshen my breath. Once I felt comfortable with this (and was still alive! lol) I then got braver mixing on guard with honey for my sore throat and when I was very sick with a viral infection I used a mix of essential oils in a veggie cap to make a natural anti – biotic (oregano, frankincense, on guard and Melaleuca)  and I was better in half the time (I know this for sure as my husband was sick at the same time and I was back on my feet sooner than he was). Now obviously these are my own personal experiences and I cant say that they will definitely cure or prevent diseases, but what I will say is its empowering to have the oils at home and to try them for a couple of days when ailments first appear. I have experienced first hand the powerful benefit of just a single drop of these oils and they have little or no side effects. Obviously if my ailments or symptoms persist I will go to  chemist or GP but so far this year I have not needed to so the oils have worked for me.


Would you like to try the oils?

Create an account with dõTerra in the month of August and salon an oir will give you your membership fee(€25) back in a voucher* for the salon.

Advantages of having an online account:
🔹25% off retail price
🔹Shop at your convenience day or night
🔹Products delivered to your door
🔹Doterra is more than just essential oils, it’s an online health store with food supplements, weight loss products, skin and hair care products
🔹ME…im here to help with any queries you may have and to educate you on the oils

* Ts&Cs:
-voucher is valid September,October and November ONLY.
-voucher can only be used on treatments above the value of €50
-voucher not redeemable against products
-voucher can not be exchanged for cash
** receive a FREE PRODUCT when you spend 125 pv before the 15th of the month. You can also receive free products by joining the loyalty rewards program and building up points that can be redeemed against products.

Please feel free to contact me if you are unsure which oils or kit best suits your needs. I’m here to help you with your doTERRA journey 🙂

Orla Kerley x




DoTERRA Launch Event

On The 21st January 2017, the salon celebrated its 2nd birthday. To mark this milestone, I combined the birthday celebrations with the launch of doTERRA Essential oils. The evening started at 5pm. Clients arrived to a drinks reception with a choice of still or sparkling water with a drop of  lemon, orange, grapefruit or peppermint essential oil. Team doTERRA , myself, Linda and Sharon were there to help people with their choice and to educate them about the benefits of ingesting the oils in this way. This was a great ice breaker as everyone spoke to eachother about their choice of drink…the water was flowing and glasses were topped up often as everyone wanted to try other essential oils.

At 6pm Linda and Sharon gave a class on the essential oils. This Screenshot_20170415-165252-01class was very infomative and interactive as the oils were passed around for everyone to smell and apply topically if they wanted. Everyone was so interested and had lots of questions for the girls. After the class there was time for 1 to 1 chats with team doterra and at this stage everyone was peckish, so we all moved into the dining area where some yummy nibbles were served; crackers and hummous, fruit and lemon (EO – essential oil) dip, lemon EO cupcakes, orange EO brownies, and peppermint EO energy balls. This was a great talking point and everyone loved the flavour from the essential oil treats.


FB_IMG_1492271853398                                                                                At 7.30pm, I gave an aromatouch demonstration in the salon. The aromatouch is a very relaxing treatment which combines 8 different essential oils, applied to the back and the feet to create a feeling of overall wellness.



At 8.30 the evening was almost over and it was time for the raffle (tickets were sold during the drinks reception). Spot Prizes for the raffle included vouchers for: Salon an óir, Hallmark jewellery, Button & co, Cherub Couture Cakes, Charlys Cheesecakes, Mini Musos, and Fear free birthing as well as products from Dermalogica, Vita liberata luxury tan and PHYTS natural skincare. FB_IMG_1492271832897Also included were a diffuser from Redhaus Interiors, a pair of earrings from Hallmark, a doTerra introduction kit and an amazing hamper that everyone had their eyes on from TEVA pharmaceuticals.

I couldnt believe the generosity of local businesses and because of the amazing prizes, €410 was rasied on the night for The Solas Centre. The Solas Centre is in Waterford and provides a free cancer support service to those affected by cancer and their families.  It relies on events and donations to enable them to continue this amazing service and they were delighted with the funds raised. This was the second event I have organised to raise funds for them and I will continue to do this on the salons birthday every year.Screenshot_20170415-170145-01

After the raffle we marked the salons birthday with a cake and everyone received a goodie bag with samples of phyts and doterra orange essential oil and a discount card for the aromatouch treatment.

The evening was a huge success and I could not have done it with out the help from alot of people. Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who attended the event. you all made the stress of organising it worthwhile and the evening enjoyable. now to thank the people who made it all possible; Barry from tramore print for printing brochures, leaflets, stickers, discount cards and a pop up banner all at very short notice. Wayne Scholtz Design for designing it all. Wendy Devlin for doing the cake toppers, all the local businesses for donating spot prizes for the raffle. My Mom for helping me clean and prepare the house for the event (it was a CRAZY day), my husband for looking after our son and organising babysitters, Dena for being my model for the aromatouch treatment and of course this event could not have happened without team doTERRA, Linda and Sharon. Not only did they drive from outside Dublin to give a class on the oils, they helped me organise the event from start to finish and even helped with baking. The event really needed the 3 of us to get around to talk to all the clients and to keep it flowing and interesting for those attending.

Lastly I would like to thank Amy Kirwan from NewAims Productions for coming along and capturing the event… have a look at the beautiful video she put together.

Spring is in the Air

20150326_164743_1Did you get out today? What a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the sky was  blue and there was no wind for a change!  It has been a long miserable winter but today spring was in the air and the misery of winter will soon be gone.

Well aside from the weather  it hasnt been that miserable…Christmas was an exciting time for me with our young son, Benjamin and the early part of the year brought with it more excitement again. Two birthdays in two weeks, would you believe!

The first birthday celebration was for the salon which celebrated its 1St birthday on Thursday the 21st January. The day started off with a coffee morning where all the proceeds went to the Solas Centre. In total €383 was raised which will help provide cancer support services like counselling and relaxation therapies to those affected by cancer, their families and their carers. So a huge thank you to all who supported the coffee Morning.



The afternoon of the Salons birthday saw special offers on Phyt’s facials and products. Natalia from Phyt’s, was on-hand throughout the day with skincare advice and her reveal imager digital skin scanner. All-in-all, it was a very busy and stressful lead up to a very successful 1st birthday for my salon.

The second celebration was for my own 30th birthday! I know, right! lol. I have been spoiled by my husband, my son, my family and my friends. We had a beautiful meal out in 1920’s themed dress to celebrate the end of my roaring 20’s.


So not a bad start to 2016… it has been busy and enjoyable. Fingers crossed that the weather improves soon and that the golden Spring sunshine floods through the windows of Salon an Óir not just on the once off but day after day after day.

PHYT’S Promotion Day – 11th June 2015


I’m delighted to now be able to offer PHYT’S 100% natural and organic facials at Salon an Óir. It’s a range that I’m passionate about because it contains no chemicals or synthetic perservstives but also because they do not test on animals and use recyclable and biodegradeable packaging, making it good for you but also good for the environment.

As well as having your professional PHYT’S treatment in the salon, I stock retail products so you can take care of your skin naturally at home inbetween your facial treatments.

On Thursday 11th June 2015 Salon an Óir will be having a promotion day where a skin consultation complete with a digital skin scan and a facial to suit your skin will be just €30! There will also be special offers on products so the perfect time to purchase your homecare products.

Looking forward to introducing you all to PHYT’S Active Organic Skincare. I have no doubt you will all fall in love with PHYT’S like I have.

2015-05-06 08.13.21

For more information on PHYT’S visit